How to Get Rid of Black Neck Overnight

How to Get Rid of Black Neck Overnight

Many people face the problem of black or dark neck and that’s make them feel embarrassed. They always think that How to Get Rid of Black Neck Overnight or how to get rid of dark neck.

This dark ring on neck is hyper pigmentation on neck and that looks so ugly. It seems like that it is the dirty neck or the dark spots on neck.

Generally people don’t bother to wash or give attention to their neck frequently comparatively to their face. They sometimes ignore to scrub their neck which makes the neck dirty.

When we are talking to people, they don’t only look into your eyes but they also look around your hairstyle, face and neck. Their eyes roam around your face and in that case a black neck gives a bad impression of your hygienic conditions.

Though your dark neck or black neck doesn’t make any kind of problem in your professional life but if like your face your neck also looks beautiful then who is stopping you. Make yourself more beautiful by improving your skin health.

Causes of Black Neck / Dark Neck

Black neck or Dark neck can be caused because of several different reasons. These causes are not severe and so we can treat them easily. Here are different causes of dark neck.

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is one of the major causes of dark neck that makes a dark ring around neck and leave spots on back of neck. While taking shower those don’t bother to scrub their neck or doesn’t clean their neck, generally they have black neck or spots on neck.

Areas that are neglected while taking shower have dark spots. Poor hygiene causes accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells that causes dark spots on neck.

Sun Tanning

Sun Tanning happens mostly in summer season. This is the time when we have maximum sun exposure and that causes tanning especially on face and neck.

Melanin stimulates because of the too much exposure of sunlight and causes black neck. Melanin is the kind of pigment that changes the skin color.

Side Effects of Medicines or Drugs

Few antibiotics have some severe side effects that cause dark or black neck. Several mechanisms are involved in the medicines or drug- induced changes pigmentation of the skin.

Some medicines like contraceptives or birth pills causes skin discoloration or dark neck or dark armpits.


There are diseases like diabetes and obesity which are also the causes of black neck or dark spots on neck. Those who have dark rind around neck and dark armpits, might be they diabetes or some hormonal imbalance.

If you notice anything like this on your body and then you should consult a doctor to get treated.

On the other hand, when a person is obese and has extra fat, then his skin tends to fold from many parts of the body including neck also. These folds causes dark ring around neck and dark spots on other parts as well.


During pregnancy also there are some hormonal changes or hormonal imbalance that causes dark neck. Though this discoloration of the skin is temporary and it gets clear in 2-3 weeks after delivery.

Home Remedies of Black Neck

You can hide these dark spots on neck by applying some cream or lotions, but this will temporary and after some time our skin will be back to black.

This dirty and black neck needs some permanent solution to get of it. Here are some home remedies that are safe and effective.

Make a Daily Care Routine

It is necessary to clean our neck along with the face. Most of us pamper our face but neglect our neck that makes our neck dark and dirty. Our neck skin becomes patchy and there are many dark spots on neck area.

We cover that black neck with makeup but once the makeup is washed that part of the skin becomes back to black with dark spots. These dark spots or dark neck looks unattractive and ugly.

Clean your neck daily while bathing and also take some milk to massage over the dark skin on neck to whiten neck. Milk is the natural cleanser and toner and it helps in dark neck whitening.

Benefits of Lemon for Dark Neck Whitening

With several benefits of lemon, there is another benefit of lemon for dark neck whitening. Lemon has the bleaching effect that whitens neck and removes the dark spots as well.

Here we will share that how to get rid of dark neck or how to remove tan from neck with the use of lemon. Take 2 tea spoonsful of lemon juice and add one tea spoon of rose water. Mix them and apply this on spots on back of neck.

Leave it there overnight and in the morning wash it with normal water. Repeat this method every day until your neck whitens.

Benefits of Oats for Dark Discoloration on Neck

There are many benefits of oats. Oats are good the health and for the skin too. It also helps in removing the dark discoloration on neck.

Many people get confused and they usually want to know that how to get rid of black spots with oats or how to remove tan from neck with oats.

Oats are the powerhouse of so many health benefits. It helps in getting rid of dark neck and also it is natural scrub and mask for the dark skin.

Take some oats and ground it coarsely. Add some water and moisturizer into it and make a paste of all. Apply this past on the affected area and massage gently for about 10-15 minutes.

Leave it there for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with normal water. Repeat this process until your neck becomes white again.


Cucumber is another best way to get rid of spots and it soothes skin and cures many other ailments of the skin too.

Take one grated cucumber and apply it on the dark neck like a pack and leave it there till it dries. After that remove the cucumber paste and apply some rose water there and leave it.

Repeat this process daily until your neck whitens.

Potato for Black Neck

You must be thinking that how to get rid of black spots or how to remove dark skin with potato. So I must tell you that Potato has the bleaching agent that helps in removing the dark spots on back of neck.

It will not only whiten neck but also remove the skin blemishes. Take one potato and cut it into round slices. Rub these slices on the affected area or on the black neck for around 5-10 minutes.

Then wash it normal water and apply some rose water over it. Repeat this process twice or thrice a day for the best result for at least 2 months. You can also add some honey to it for the fast result.


Discoloration of the neck skin is not severe but it makes you look unattractive and somewhere it impacts on your self-esteem also.

With all these home remedies you will be able to get rid of black neck and dark spots on neck. The color of your face and neck will become same and this will boost your confidence also.



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