How Long Eyelash Extensions Last

How Long Eyelash Extensions Last

Whenever we go out we always try to look best in our looks especially women give more emphasis on their looks comparatively to men. Women buy different expensive dresses to look beautiful and visit to salons also to give themselves a changeover.

They want to look best in every sense either it is their dress or makeup. When we talk about the makeup, the first thing that comes to our mind is our eye makeup because eyes are the first thing that comes in contact first.

So eyes play a major role in our face beauty. To make our eyes beautiful we apply different eye makeups like eyelash extensions, curling eyelashes or different eye shadows etc. Also there is a long list of natural eye makeup that makes our eyes beautiful and attractive.

One of the most important part of our eyes is our eyelashes that make our eyes look bigger and beautiful. Big eyelashes makes the eyes more beautiful and fuller. In fact they not only make our eyes beautiful but also save them from dust and outside particles.

These dust particles or debris can harm our eyelids so big eye lashes protect them and makes our eyes safe. If you have bigger, thicker and fuller eyelashes then your eyes doesn’t require much makeup.

There are many makeup ideas or makeup looks that makes your eyes beautiful even if you don’t have bigger eyelashes. Though these makeup ideas or makeup looks are good but are not permanent. So every time you want to go out, first apply these ideas and then leave.

Even the eyelash extension cost is also not affordable for everyone every time. Those who don’t know how to apply eyelashes have to search for “best eyelash extensions near me” or “eyelash extensions salon near me” to apply these fake lashes. This can be sometimes annoying and irritating as well.

Also there are many people who don’t have big or thick eyelashes and for them fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions are the only options to make their eyes beautiful. Everyone is not aware of applying and removing of these lash extensions.

This can be a big problem for some to first learn that how to apply and then removing eyelash extensions. Some are not even aware of what are eyelash extensions. Another problem that can occur is infection in the eyes because of these fake eyelashes or lash extensions.

But there is a relief for many who are wants bigger and fuller eyelashes but don’t want fake ones. There is a product called Apex Lashes which is talk of the town these days and according to the feedback of many, this product will help in making your eyelashes bigger and fuller.

What is Apex Lash

Apex Lash is a serum or conditioner that helps in getting the bigger, fuller and thicker eyelashes in some time. The nutrients present in it makes the eyelash thicker and beautiful and also restore the moisture in the lashes. Even the thin or small lashes also get benefit from this serum and looks beautiful.

How it Works

Apex Lashes is the eyelash growth serum that is easy to apply daily without any pain. The ingredients present in this serum are so powerful and effective. These ingredients like Vitamin E, soy, wheat amino acid and many other nutrients nourishes our lashes and strengthen and lengthen them. And you will get bigger and thicker lashes in less time.


The ingredients of this serum are natural and have no side effect*. These ingredients nourishes the lashes and make them bigger and fuller without any pain or side effect.

Wheat Amino Acid

Protein helps in the growth of hair. Wheat amino acid helps in enhancing the level of protein and that helps in growing of the lashes. Also it produces Red Blood Cells that gives essential nutrients to the hair follicles.

Vitamin E

It manages the connecting tissues and functions like a moisturizer. Vitamin E saves lashes from UV rays and sun damage and make them healthy by nourishing them and also it helps in lessening the dryness. It is very helpful in strengthening and lengthening the eyelashes.

Soy Amino Acids

It restores the moisture and makes the lashes thicker and fuller. This ingredient is very effective and boosts the blood flow to the roots which helps in hair grow. It lessens the hair loss and makes them darker and stronger.

How to Use Apex Lashes

Apex Lash is the serum that gives volume to the eyelash naturally and makes them darker, bigger and fuller in less time. It is very essential that whenever we use any beauty product or skin care product we should thoroughly understand the use of that product.

By doing so we can get all the benefits and we will not miss anything related to the product and also we will get the best result. The steps to use Apex Lashes are very simple and easy.

First Step

First of all make sure that whenever apply this serum your face should be without makeup and absolutely clean. There should be no dust or makeup left on your face. You can also use a good face cleanser.

Second Step

We all know that how to apply eye shadow but now it’s time to apply this serum. Try to put this serum in the evening before going to bed so that it can remain there. Carefully apply a thin layer of it on the upper and lower lash root without spilling it into the eyes.

Third Step

To get the best result apply this serum every day for few months and get the beautiful, thicker, bigger and fuller eyelashes naturally. You can also use it on your brows to make them darker and thicker.


Apex Lashes is the serum that extends the eyelash naturally and makes them thicker and fuller. It not only thickens the eye lashes but also darkens the brows.



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